Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Courier Vans

I have seen two vans for sale this week, one which the owner thinks is wonderful and One that has been left out in the open since 1992!

The first one still on ebay is a project car, but the one I saw today is a brave restoration project, it needs an awful lot of work although apart from the engine it's all there, in fact the engine is there but not in the car.

The roof has serious rot, the van panels are restorable, the bonnet not too bad, the floors are very bad and the chassis looks to be reasonable. It doesn't have the optional rear seat and the interior need replacing, but most of it is plywood so thats not a problem.

It is a Mk2 which is the most desirable, let me know if you are prepared to restore this van , but the owner says it must not be scrapped or just used for spares, due to it's rarity, I tend to agree, I have enough on my plate at the moment to consider it.


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