Sunday, March 07, 2010

Bad Start to the day and then.........

I got up quite early, off to Stoneliegh in the Courier, I have to pick up 5 TR6 wheels for a fellow club member and be ready for when Jayson, Terry and Malcolm turn up, I thought loads of time!
Well the Courier didn't start, I pushed it out of the garage hoping to bump start it down the drive, but it didn't work and so I abandoned it there and went to fetch the Toyboata plus jump leads. It wouldn't have it, all my skills as an ex breakdown specialist wouldn't make it go, then eventually I found that the jump leads were not very well connected and then vroom it started, I let it warm up reparked the toyboata and guess what, when I came back it had stopped and refused to start again.

Well if I had the hair to spare, I would have been pulling it out at this stage, then I remembered that the new herald I bought this week had a battery on it, so I walked up to the garage nicked that and fitted to the naughty little van. As I nicked the battery I noticed that the engine mounting on the new car was in dire condition so made a mental note to get one at Stoneliegh.
Anyway, I travelled down and got the TR6 wheels and by the time I got back to the house the two 13/60 estates had turned up, so went off to the show.

What a show that was, lovely sunshine, loads of cars, loads of parts I managed to get some of the bits and bobs I needed and good prices too. I was speaking to Bill Davies from Rarebits4classics about the herald I have just bought, I really haven't had a minute to look at it since picking it up from Anglesea, as it is an early car I assumed it was a mk1, not my favourite, but when I picked up two engine mounting from Bill & Karens stand it was obvious to both Bill and me, that I had picked up Mk2mounts because I hadn't realised when I saw the dodgy mount that it was not the Mk1 type.
Well I'm chuffed it's a nice motor and now the bonus is a stronger chassis and much easier to get parts for and modify if I want too.

I got to talk to lots of friends in the spares hall and the club stands, had a nice lunch, sold the wheels and drove in a triumph convoy back to Birmingham, the day that had started so badly turned out to be a great day well done to the Stoneleigh organisers you made my day.


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