Friday, November 24, 2006

All change

Well a lot of change anyway! I have sold the red 13/60 estate to local member Jayson (he was part of the RBRR team 12) The 1200 saloon, is going in the next couple of weeks, and after 20 years of ownership my Coupe has also been sold.
The Triumph 2000 estate stays, and I have just bought this beautiful Courier Van, thanks to Bill Davies who gave me the info. This latest purchase of the Courier was the third van I had seen in three weeks, but this time I certainly got a fantastic car.

People say to me how come you always find such nice cars, my answer is, if you really want something that much get off your butt and go looking. For example I got a 1200 estate that was in a triumph club magazine for over a week and nobody went to have a look except me.
When I bought it in 2004 it was the product of a long search, I went to Halifax in Yorkshire, Barnstable in Devon and Penzance in Cornwall just to see.

P.S the 2004 1200 herald estate was sold to a forum member Bill Goodwin, and now it lives in the States with him, an excellent article about this car has just been published in the current Triumph World magazine.


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