Sunday, April 04, 2010

Another herald comes and goes

Bought a 1200 saloon from a deceased estate in Coventry, interesting little car, two owners, the last one worked at the factory.It's a bit grotty on the rear wings, the bonnet & doors really good, valances mostly rough but the yearly oiling of the chassis has proved very effective with just the siderails needing attention.

A bit of hammering on the rear drums and two replacement wheels saw it move from the garage for the first time in 9 years, it turns over but no spark, just a set of points required I think, clutch is seized solid and the fronts seats are very worn.

I let a friend of mine have it at cost, he hasn't had a triumph for a while and is keen to join us nutters again he has plans to duo tone it, get it on the road soon driving it around the Worcester countryside(some of you might remember his filler and pink coupe, his daily driver for many years)


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