Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Update

I have changed jobs within my organisation three times since I wrote last so work been kinda taking up my time lol

After the 10 Countries I had a few problems with MOE. misfiring, losing water and PAS playing up, the misfire was diagnosed at the NEC Classic Car show by Dave Harvey of Triumph 2000 fame who correctly said that the distributor cap was faulty, and that was without hearing her run, he was spot on, Alan Chatterton said the same thing, Dave appeared the next day at the show with a NOS Lucas item which sorted it out.
Concerned about the state of play with MOE I arranged for Dave to give her the once over, Dave has just retired and was happy to have a look around, it became quickly obvious that it was indeed fortunate that we managed to finish the 10 Countries in one piece, a catalogue of faults having developed.

The original thought was that the heater matrix was leaking as water seemed to be leaking from around that area, after investigation the main leak was a rotten pipe that leads from the water pump under the manifolds, and all the hoses were past their best so were replaced, the clutch flexible pipe was incorrectly placed and had almost worn through so a nice new armoured one is know in place and the slave cylinder was leaking and replaced. The radiator was loose, new capative nuts and bolts should hold that in place now.

I was unhappy with the PAS set up, two racks over a very short time had blown the seals (just out of guarantee) and i am fed up with leaking fluid all the time, Dave said the rack was in a bad way, two years old and 5k says to me that the re conditioners need to get their act together these were supplied by a firm in Brum that I thought had a good reputation and I believe are still being used by a specialist supplier still. So I asked Dave to put it back to manual steering which he did.

Oh boy was that a mistake, I have only driven it about 60 miles and I can't stand it, so I have got a recon rack from Canley Classics, Dave Pearson said he has never had a complaint, so she is booked with Mr Harvey in for the spring to be converted back.

Dave reset the rear brakes (much better handbrake now) and the throttle linkage which was a bit askew and bent, replaced some of the under bonnet fuel lines which were cracking and replaced the ignition coil which had no oil in it (perhaps boiled when we overheated in Italy?) and suspect battery cables he also re-situated a brake pipe which was fouling on the clutch mechanism.

I have to get some new tyres but that can wait until the new steering set up is in place, thinking of going for Yokohama Blue earth as the are supposed to be a good choice.

I bought a partially restored Herald 1200 shown above and sold it on to an enthusiastic local member who hopes to get it on the road quite soon.

MOE on the 2000/2.5 register stand
The 1200 on the Club Triumph Stand
Busy weekend!


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