Sunday, May 11, 2014

MOE and The Isle of Wight

MOE has had her power steering put back and a new viscous coupling, I had thought about going electric cooling but it was agreed that a new viscous coupling was the best option.

We haven't used MOE much due to problems with me not being able to drive her much, so we set off to the Isle of Wight weekend in the company of my pals, Steve, Liz, Jay, Terry and Judy two heralds and MOE convoy, we stayed for the week, we shared a caravan with Bill and Carol from the States (Goody)  and had some good times including a couple of 60+ triumph convoys around the island to various stops. Setting off on one can be seen here.

The return journey was marred by huge holdups near Oxford, I saw it coming and cut across country, later on the M40 I caught up my pals who had caught the earlier ferry. Apart from that good company some good weather made the week special.
See you soon Chris


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