Monday, December 11, 2006

Breakdown? No thanks already had one!

Well the triumph family have been giving me a hard time, the 13/60 estate before it went had to have a replacement halfshaft fitted, I bought two shafts off ebay, when one failed after 80 miles or so I was very disappointed, but hey you get what you pay for I thought. Not only did the ebay seller replace the shaft but he also came from about 15 miles away and fitted free of charge, now thats what I call service.

The 1200 decided to blow a diff seal and shed a rear wheel cylinder, and was glad that these were put right before it was bought by friends, also club members.

The 948 Coupe decided that it had enough of it's battery, it was nose in to the garage, and I have just had an operation so friends had to help with that, pushing and lifting batteries is not a good idea after abdominal surgery .

The 2000 estate decided that the 4000 miles I had put on her since August was quite enough thank you, and sicked out all of it's clutch fluid, she will have to wait a while before that is sorted out!

And just to add insult to injury the newly aquired Courier van lost a headlamp but thankfully that was a job even I can cope with, thanks to a friend a few years back, who was clearing out, I have about ten normal bulbs left.

Just needs the Sk*da to breakdown now and I will have the full house!!


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