Friday, February 22, 2008

MOE getting there!

The engine is sweet according to the specialist, overdrive isn't working and the oil leak was from the gearbox rear seal, but I didn't smell gearbox oil cat pee smell though

The rear axle is pretty worn, but it just so happens someone donated a lowish miles 2.5 saloon (auto, rotten) to me so we are fitting that diff and the shafts are worn but have been replaced or sorted and he is fitting all new bushes. The new diff is 3.45:1 instead of the 4.11:1 fitted so I will get a better cruising speed, and less oompah from start. Mike is a triumph transmission specialist so it's in the right place

I have had all the metal and flexy pipes replaced, the rear wheel cylinders, the fuel tank/pipes are still to be done, although he has done the carbs, replaced the fuel pump and fed it from a small tank to start it.

The power steering is yet to be fitted, but again all those parts came from the donated car the radiator looks a bit grotty inside but I have a spare in stock....thats about it for now except I have ordered some different wheels and tyres and some original type number plates.



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