Friday, October 12, 2007

Been a while

Hi Everyone, Well it's been a while since I posted, my only excuse is that I have been running in ever decreasing circles after aged parent and Parents in law 88, 92,93 years old.

I have still managed to attend some events this year Sandwell a local event saw the estate out to play, unfortunately the weather was absolutely dreadful, and the event was abandoned about three hours before the finish!

The Stafford weekend was good, my friend drove the Courier, it's first real outing, it was well received, being fairly original, and in good condition. I filled the estate with a variety of triumph parts which sold quite well considering, I then blew all the money on a set of alloys and some new tyres followed the next week, very different handling 185/70/14 as compared to the 175X13 that were on it.

I attended the Leicester Splash, Coupe Sunday, driving my old coupe for Chris Gunby who owns a whole array of early cars, again it was a wet day, there were rain clouds all around the site but it seemed to skirt around us the whole day.
The Mile of Triumph in Great Yarmouth was the last event I took part in so far, a great Saturday evening, with a good buffet and a charity teddy bear auction. 174 triumphs with a smattering of other classics, set off on the Sunday morning presenting a glorious picture of classics parked on the sea front.

Preparations for next years RBRR are underway, the estate is waiting for a 2.5S engine, with the HS6 carbs to be fitted, the gearbox overhauled, new clutch, the rear axle stripped and rebuilt with all new poly bushes, although I am tempted to use the Courier...........

Next month sees the Courier in the Classic Car show at the NEC, if you are there do come and say hello, it's great to meet forum members.


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