Sunday, December 23, 2007

MOE arrives

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I have taken delivery of MOE, she is a rather intersting Mk1 saloon, not too sure what the red is apart from it's a rootes colour, I think it's Pippin red, but my knowledge of rootes paint is very limited.

She has been lying in state since 1983 in what has been a dry garage, the handbrake was still free, after all this time thanks to the previous owner. Condition wise, the body is in excellent rust free condition, the paintwork has taken a knock or two but fairly minimal especially if I can match it up for a touchup tin.

The chrome work hasn't faired quite so well, although for everyday use it is most acceptable. The vinyl roof should come up well with a scrub and a hour or two with a boot polish brush.

As far as mechanics are concerned she is a bit of an unknown quantity, standing for near 25 years has bound to have taken some toll. It seems that the crank oil seal may have failed as there was a significant oil slick on the garage floor, but in real terms if it dropped just one drop per month that equates to 300 drops so it must mount up!

I have arranged for it to have the engine, brakes and tranmission to be checked out, also power steering to be fitted.
A brief history
Purchased in 1964, worked hard as reps car, 1971 completely rotton a new shell was purchased for the grand sum of £305 minus 7.5% discount. 1976 engine and other items taken from a less than 12 month old 2.5TC write off and fitted. Used regularly until 1983.


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