Sunday, August 15, 2010

Starter woes and Engine in

Getting the 1200 going is causing a few headaches, when I first got it there were obvious problems from the beginning with starting, the starter was loose and not at all happy. When I took the engine and gearbox out I was shocked to see the state of the starter dog and the ring gear, they were total write off's, I found a starter in the spares pile tested it the old fashioned way with jump leads and a battery, all was well so I cleaned it up and made it look pretty with a coat of paint. Low and behold when I went to fit it today I had problems getting it to fit, it was then I realise that a foreign (mini?) starter had got into the garage and this one was too small.
Kicking myself for not checking i checked the pile again and found another starter, checked this one and great it's the right size, but the teeth on the dog were not the best, what the hell it's my last one I thought and while cleaning it I noticed the starter dog was split along it's length ....mutter mutter.
Fellow enthusiast Pete Jevon to the rescue and another not so worn looking starter fitted, yet another delay to getting the beastie going. Thanks to Jayson who has helped with bits from a 13/60 he is breaking, exhaust, manifold and clutch slave have been invaluable, and TJ for gaskets when everyone else was shut!!
I was working on the 1200 yesterday and finally got the engine and gearbox fitted, new clutch, engine + gearbox mountings, new exhaust manifold gaskets, oil pressure switch, a secondhand dynamo, fuel pump and distributor were added. I have to fit the exhaust, set the timing up statically, then fit the engine earth lead and finish all the other connections. Can't wait to hear it running, and hoping for no nasty surprises!


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