Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It drives and MOT

Well I have been a busy boy with working on the 1200 which ended up getting an MOT today with just an advisory for a track rod end. The interior is ok with new carpets and secondhand seats although the sponges are not great.

Last weekend it was a complete front suspension and brake strip down clean, paint and put back with new coil springs and shock absorbers, fit the seat belt mountings, one screw had to be extracted with a stud extractor as it was being bloody minded I had cut the head off, the seat belts are original and not in fabulous condition but good enough for the MOT, I stripped,cleaned and got the windscreen washers working. The steering column UJ was shot, now why didn't I check that when the engine and gearbox were out, it makes the job so easy, as it happens I had to take it out with an angle grinder because it was determined to stay!!

So altogether I have replace the old 1147 unit with a 1298 unit bought off ebay and it is sweet, no crank knock! A replacement gearbox and a new clutch NOS, engine and gearbox mounts, the horns and associated wiring, the column switches and cowls, the rear horseshoe chrome's the rear brakes, the front sidelight lens and chromes, the headlamp bezels (the correct 3.5 inch ones), the two rear lens for the all red American units, the steering wheel (motalita, nice), fitted alloy wheels and new tyres, a new radiator, dynamo, Starter motor and a secondhand stainless steel exhaust. All nylok nuts are new and shiny, and it sports new chrome wiper blades

I have repaired and repainted the floors, made the engine and ancillaries look pretty, rewired some of the dash because of a bit of codging that did look good, fitted a new battery and carrier.

Today it showed up a few faults running to the MOT, a leaky petrol pipe by the pump (now replaced) and an oil leak cos muggings had forgotten to tighten up the oil pressure switch. It also showed up the halfshafts that will have to be done soon, but to be honest I have had enough for a while. It drives beautifully and when the shafts are done it will be even better. I'm sure there are things I have forgotten to mention, see some of you at The NEC this weekend,


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