Sunday, August 29, 2010

1200 update

Well the floors are welded up, not too much about five small patches, everything is stripped back to bare metal and the undercoat is on the floor.. One good job was completed today with the help of a neighbour, he re-tapped the threads on the 13/60 manifold, which I should have really done before putting it in the car, We fitted studs and the downpipe with the last three brass nuts I have in stock, the gasket had to be adjusted with a file but altogether a successful day.

Tomorrow if the undercoat is dry (it's a bit thick in places) I will paint the floor with triumph white, strip the rear brakes replace what's necessary and refit with the new wheels and tyres. I know I'm gonna get some stick for putting alloy slots on it but it's my car now.....

Next jobs. Set the timing, fill the engine and gearbox with oil, overhaul the gear change mechanism and refit it with the gearbox cover.


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