Friday, April 08, 2011

Disappointing results

Regular readers will know that I have been getting the Courier and the 1200 fit for the road, but have been beset with health problems and been on leave a fair bit since February. I bit the bullet last Sunday and refitted the engine and gearbox, this was after a false start, I fitted the gearbox and the starter motor, as I tightened up the last nut and bolt I notice that the clutch arm was not in the correct position and was stuck inside the bell housing, a school boy error, but one which meant stripping the gearbox away from the engine and starting again!

I eventually got the engine and gearbox in the car and had a few days off this week and reassembled the van ready for MOT, as I pushed the van in the garage I heard the obvious clunk of an unhappy driveshaft, one of the recon units I fitted is faulty, however it still went for MOT and it passed, the new clutch and brakes are working fine.

I put the van away and got the 1200 out, there are few jobs which need doing/finishing but the main problem is an engine leak and the fact that the new clutch, fitted recently is not working correctly, a driveshaft is knocking(hey wait I came in here!) and the recentley fitted indicator switch has fallen to bits.

So two cars looking great both not working properly, ah well there is always MOE, whats that MOE? your exhaust manifold is blowing? Ah well never mind I think I'll buy a Z4 ;-)


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