Saturday, May 30, 2015

New engine and Club Triumph National Day

MOE is doing ok the new engine is just run in, still a bit smokey on start up, as the valve guides and head are fairly new I think a little carbon build up may cure that.
I had a problem with her over fuelling and after a little investigation found that the front carburettor needle valve was doing nothing to stop petrol flooding in, and even after changing the needle valve the front three spark plugs were not happy with life, a new set of powerspark leads and  NGK IRIDIUM IX BPR6EIX 6637 SPARK PLUGS were fitted and normal service has resumed.

Soon to be pulling a caravan down to Cornwall and then back up to Ashbourne in Derbyshire to the 2000/2.5 register week  which will be a test.

Club Triumph National day was in my opinion poorly attended, Bob King must be disappointed after all the effort involved in making arrangements and setting up for the day.

Jayson Murray with Terry and Judy came in their latest acquisition and nice Mk1 2000 which has had a lot of love and money spent on it since they have had it, since the show it has gained a set of TR6 wheels which certainly adds to the stance. This another two cars came down from Brum, including Steve and Liz Hudson ever faithful club members and yours truly! 

My cars of the day was a Russett Brown Mk2 2000 which was in stunning condition and a green 1200 herald 1200 convertible owned by Simon Goldsworthy of Triumph World fame.

And a special mention to our President Derek Pollock MBE who drove his TR4A up from London for the event, someone who could be bothered to attend even in his 90's.

Sorry to say I didn't get all the cars there are about four missing.


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