Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MOE On the road again

Well after a few teething problems with the MOT because of a lack of commision number MOE passed today, an amazing coincidence as it is exactly 44 years today she was registered.

The work done to get her this far: replace diff, overhaul one and replace one driveshaft, fit all new flexible and metal brake pipes, new wheel cylinder.
Change rear gear box seal, fettle overdrive into life, fit new petrol tank and associated pipework, overhaul carbs, replace all suspension and mounting bushes, replace rear shocks. Fit power steering, oil filter conversion kit, replace radiator (which appears not to be holding water 100%), fix minor electrical problems.

Thats all I can think of at the moment, I have driven her round the block and she feels very nice on her shiny TR6 wheels and new tyres, unfortunately I was to late to go to the tax office to get her taxed as a historic vehicle, but witrh insurance certificate, V5 and mot in hand I will get her taxed tomorrow.

I am looking forward to see how the cooling and hydraulic systems fare after being sat around for 25 years. must remember to carry some water and fluid......

I think she looks quite smart and I am glad I went for the TR6 wheels option


Blogger Jamie said...

Love the look with the TR6 wheels. I suspect I'll end up with the same thing on my Mk. I Estate, as I think the sport wheels I've bought will cause fouling at the rear arches. Good luck!
Jamie Palmer

9:28 pm  

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