Sunday, April 17, 2011

Standard / Triumph Day At Crich

Set from Brum, with another 3 cars, picked up a red spitty and green roundtail GT6, at least I think it was a GT6 never got within spotting distance.

Arrived to what can only be described as a chaotic at one time, within 10 seconds had three marshals telling three different things, then we to wait as all the 2000/2.5 were going in together to the tramyard when the trams had moved, then after what seemed a long time moved to a patch of grass several hundred yards from the main action. To be fair it looked like those marshals were not being told what was going on, when I eventually went down to the tramyard, it was full of Ford anglias with around three TR's.

All very nice but it was supposed to be Standard Triumph day wasn't it? As my teacher said to me,(often) could do better.

Anyway less moaning, it was nice to catch up with people and there were some nice cars, my two favourites of the day a nice early Herald Estate and a Beetle back Vanguard


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