Sunday, April 27, 2008

Courier and MOE

Well it been a Triumph weekend, yesterday working on the courier looking to take it for MOT this week. The courier has developed a pull to the left under braking, the coupe I had used do the same after winter layup, a quick glass papering of the drum and shoes normally did the trick. The courier still insisted on going off to the left after the treatment, some WD 40 carefully sprayed on the wheel cylinders has cured the problem, unfortunately when I did the rears it looks like the halfshafts are bit iffy, with grease getting into the drum on the O/S and lots of shiny swarf in the N/S and a knock to go with it.

MOE has had a few problems since coming out of the workshop,a radiator bought off ebay was useless, a leaky tank sender unit left about £20 worth of petrol on the floor, faulty carb needle valves caused a problem or two while going uphill and a noisy wheel bearing has been replaced.

Since the wheel bearing/driveshaft repair there has been a knock from the rear N/S under braking, although not always easy to diagnose, which wheel or front/back noises come from I do have a certain skill in this area. I had a look today a car today and can find little wrong, but a rock of the wheel to and fro (as opposed to top to bottom/side to side) produces a metallic clunk.
It's peculiar that this is only happening under braking, it also happens if the hand brake is applied on the move, any thoughts?


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