Saturday, April 12, 2008


Went out in MOE to a local classic car meeting on Wednesday, when I got there it was kinda obvious that the rad weld as a solution to the radiator leak was very short term. I topped it up and took my friend Jayson for a little drive, on the return,steam already! The drive home was punctuated by bouts of steam when stopped, and although there was no overheating, I decided to deal with the problem in the week.

I had a choice of radiators for recoring, the original and two later ones, I chose the original because it had a drain tap and the other didn't.

I am off to Crich in the morning so we will see what happens, the changing the rad which I estimatated to take an hour, tops, became a real pain in the butt because the some of the captive nuts had been replaced by nyloks, done by someone with thin arms and elastic joints, which I ain't got!

Radiator By Ready Rads Birmingham, total cost £101 including a new rad cap, brilliant 24 hour service.


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