Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prescott, Great day out

Well I went to the Triumph Marque day, there was a tremendous turnout of Triumphs and Standards, I myself didn't do any racing up the hill, as a slightly clunky suspension/steering set up didn't fill me with confidence, as it was a Spitfire from the ADU race cars lost a drive shaft at speed and a TR6 ended up in the gravel on a sharp corner. ~In real terms with the amount of cars doing the run at speed this I imagine is a good result!

I was most disappointed to see a lack of representation from Club Triumph, all the other major Triumph clubs were there and seemed to attract lots of people to their stands. As I can't physically help set up a stand these days, and knowing level of commitment required giving up a weekend for yet another event, I would not have the cheek to criticise, but there did seem be be a big gap. I hope the meeting goes there again next year, might give the hill a go!


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