Saturday, April 23, 2011

Busy Boy

Over the last two days I have replaced the 1200's engine, with new sump gasket, new clutch and gear box, sump gasket oil leak cured, clutch works, not too sure about the gearbox, seems noisy to me. I changed the o/s half shaft, boy was it knackered, I am surprised it was still turning, inevitably now I hear the N/s knocking, ah well that'll have to wait, I already have one new n/s shaft which is faulty but unable to contact the manufacturer, today I had the speedo out rewired the lights, fixed a couple of problems with the speedo head and replaced the broken indicator switch.I then replaced all the seats and interior I had to finish there as I had a works "do" to attend, hopefully I'll take it out tomorrow, just got to work out how to get a large later herald tank sender unit to work with an early herald fuel gauge.


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