Friday, July 15, 2011

Courier Gone MOE in the shop

The Courier went on Wednesday, the new owner is an enthusiast from the Lake District and seems pleased, he went to Sheffield the first night to see family, then off to home in the Lakes, he called me to say he had enjoyed the drive and had fun. He got a smell of petrol when he got there and a small flexible fuel pipe had split, leaking some fuel which he has fixed.I am quite sad in a way, but too many cars and not using it enough spurred me on to sell it.

MOE has shown up some faults after the trip to Cornwall and is off to Mick Papworths tomorrow for some attention to the steering/suspension and vibration on the transmission, I've got a list of other stuff to be done if he can fit it in, especially as the 10CR is just 54 days away, ah well just as well I got some cash off the van sale lol.


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