Sunday, May 01, 2011


Had a great Friday while a certain wedding was taking place me and my friend Jayson flew under the radar down the M1 to pick up a herald estate as it has been parked up for 10 years+.

We had to attack the brakes which were seized, the tyres were scrap so we had taken a set of decent radials for the journey, this car is going to be restored and put into regular use, it needs a complete hydraulic system overhaul, a clutch, some chassis repairs, some electrical problems sorting,and some accident damage repaired. It has had some restoration work done before it was laid up, some of it quite good and some of it not so good, but basically it's going to be a worthwhile project and will be used by Jayson and his family.

MOE was pulled into service as a towing car for the first time in 3 decades, after rewiring the tow electrics it took the whole day in it's stride, maintaining a healthy 60 mph all the way up the M1 and M6.

The estate belonged to Barbara Aldridge an enthusiastic Club Triumph member who passed away last year shortly after assisting the RBRR team at the Plough, sending them off and returning on the Sunday to greet the successful teams. We are thankful that Sybil and Barry Chick (Barbara's family) for entrusting us with it's care.


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