Sunday, September 21, 2008

Triumphant Mile of Triumphs

I set off on Friday for my third Mile of Triumphs meetings, MOE had been playing up for a couple of weeks, especially when she was hot, I checked all the usual suspects, took it over to see Dave at Canleys, but nothing was obviously at fault.

The trip to Great Yarmouth was horrible, everytime I put my foot down, the symptoms of fuel starvation were apparent, spluttering and farting, but if you backed off the gas it was fine, the fuel economy was dreadful.

I sat and thought about what could be the problem, what was causing it, when she is cold there was no sign of the problem, I thought maybe the coil was on the way out or the condenser/points were at issue. I checked the points they were fine, perfect gap, no blueing or burning, which pretty well eliminated the condenser.

I bit the bullet and bought a coil at the show, borrowed a couple of tools and changed it, instant success, the coil to be fair looked like the 1964 original, I had a brilliant drive home back to Brum and checking with the RAC router mileage, guesstimate just over 29mpg (mileometre not reading correctly).

The event it's self was great, good company, things to do and see, helped by having the sun out, (got the balding pate a little burnt) the best turnout I have seen.

Just a rocker gasket to replace, some new webbing in the seats and a new radio, and RBRR here we come!


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