Wednesday, October 08, 2008

RBRR highs and lows

1/ One of my favorite cars of the event
2/ Lands End yes it was just as bad as it looks!
3/ Team Brum at Corley services on the way to the start.

This was my 9th run in a 20 years period, I have to say first of all a big thank you to the organising team, Tim, Jason, Nigel, James and everyone else involved. The run itself was one of the best I have done, mainly due to the magnificent performance of my Mk1 2000(2.5 engine), MOE never faltered, and apart from the wiper blades giving up the ghost at Lands End no other worries, she used around 3 pints of oil and did a tremendous 28 mpg.

The low points were, seeing two team mates having to pull out, one with a seized engine and one with gearbox and brake issues. I was also disappointed to see the Atlas fail to finish, for all my pee taking before the event, Dave, Jason and the trusty van did very well.
Hearing about the accident in Scotland was worrying, but it seems that no serious injuries happened and in the spirit of the event those involved finished the event in other cars, bravo John and co.

I was also saddened to hear of a personal attack on Tim our organiser at the finish from a team who arrived very late at both Lands End and the Plough and then had the front to moan because facilities were no longer available, this is not how Club Triumph members behave!


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