Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting ready for the 10CR

MOE has been in the workshop, a new powersteering rack, front struts, with all new shims and bushes has made a terrific improvement, the old rack made the steering way too light and was forever squirting out fluid, the new one feels about right maybe a bit on the heavy side, but I prefer that. No more groaning when turning, well from the bushes anyway ;-) it was then that the clutch slave was spotted leaking away so a new one of them was sourced, the Mk2 is the same as one of the Freelanders, not sure about the Mk1 .

The driveshafts were removed and just one small problem, cured by a larger UJ clip, brakes still need some work, I have ordered 1144 Mintex pads but they will take a little time to get here, when they arrive I will replace the brake fluid.

The heater and emission hoses were looking a bit scabby so there were changed, along with the air + oil filters new oil and the antifreeze renewed. The diff and the gearbox were topped up, the propshaft rebalanced, so apart from maybe improving the lighting I think we are nearly good to go.


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