Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magnificent MOE

Hi Everyone, It's been a while but I have been a busy boy, MOE came off the road last year in November time it was stripped down and went off to the body shop where she spent the winter being prepared and resprayed.

She came to pieces very easily thanks to Peter the original owner who has copper slipped or greased nearly every nut and bolt, the biggest problems were the front grill the side light units and the rear bumper bolts, She came back in late February and I have been working away little by little,

A big problem was waiting for parts, working out what went where, it took an age little jobs took a whole day, I can't believe how long the whole thing has taken.

So this what has been done, strip the interior, the chrome trims, bumpers lights, tow bar and then put it back together after the returning from the workshop.
Parts replaced:  I fitted new front and rear light units, replaced all the door handles with nice new shiny units, I had the rear bumpers rechromed replaced all the bumper bolts and fittings for stainless steel units, a new top tinted laminated windscreen, new front and back windscreen seals, boot seal, rear boot lid stainless steel strip, wiper spindle rubber seal and nuts, a secondhand front grill, all four doors weather seals (a mammoth job) and last of all a new bootlid overdrive badge which arrived today.

Unfortunately the camera has not got the best colour processor and you can't really see the depth of the shine, I have to finish a few jobs, but there she is all MOT'ed and taxed and ready to rock and roll.


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