Wednesday, February 08, 2012

MOE Blushes

Well not quite, but all rubbed down it does have a pinkish blush, all the dents and scratches are being dealt with and the undercoat is going on soon. the base coat appears to be grey then various reds

One thing that has been confirmed is the absolutely brilliant condition the body is in, just a little surface rust on the sill to body join and the drivers door again just a little surface rust on one of the seams. The front panel had a few rusty stone chips but overall I'm very happy I was tempted to have the vinyl roof removed and have MOE change to Bentley Storm Grey but she is to stay red after all.

The Herald is due some work as it is overdue for MOT just a couple of lighting faults to deal with, if it's not mega cold this weekend I'll get that done.


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