Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stafford show & 10 CR looms

Had a great weekend with the gang at Stafford last week, MOE towed the trailer tent and my pal Martin drove the herald up, managed to pick up a strut brace for MOE, should be interesting to see what improvements it makes, got a door seal for MOE managed to get 30 cm of the 3.5 metres fitted before I gave up, it's a two man job!

The drivers meeting at Leicester was very good, nice to see faces that I recognise, someone was encouraging MOE's driver to give it some welly away from the car park, but as it was my car and he was not used to it he declined, just as well as would have punched him in the ear of he had of done, I will leave the wheelies and tyre screeching up to others...

I am a bit disappointed with Mintex, I ordered special brake pads, the retailer was given a date in early August, then this was put back till 22nd August, now the date has been set as indefinite and I have cancelled the order, this leaves me wondering the best pads to fit, this and changing the brake fluid is the on the agenda, and to improve the headlighting.

Picture taken on the Shropshire run at the end of July, Pete the owner of MOE since 1960 something came with me for the day we had a great day out together.


Anonymous Marek said...

Hi Chris,
You have a beautiful car, I hope that overtook the woman on a bicycle:)
All the best.

11:24 pm  

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