Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chris And Andy's Silverstone great day out

I'll be honest I didn't want to go, last time I found the noise painful to my sensitive hearing but my mate Andy had two VIP AA tickets so we thought we would give it a go.
Moe trundled down the M1 quick briskly and apart from the huge traffic jam near the event there were no problems, we were directed to the VIP car park and were met by a uniformed man who showed us where to register, then he led us to a waiting minibus which took us to the AA exhibition, it was really interesting, as ex AA staff (24 years) I had driven most of the vehicles on display.
 I bumped into staff who still remembered me including the top man of the yellow van side of the organisation who stayed to chat about the old days, very nice, free food and drink throughout the day including a high quality lunch. We ventured out to the rest of the show for a few hours and had a great time looking at the cars and travelling on the old buses, couldn't find any triumph cars except the Stags, on returning the AA event more free drinks (no alcohol for me) and then a trip around one of the circuits in an AA vehicle, I turned down the offer of a trip in AA1 a vintage Renault for the opportunity of the recovery truck, which is what I did  when I worked for them.
When it was time to go we look in dismay at the huge queues for the buses, I spoke to Andy about it, someone heard us and took us to a parked BMW X5 and we were chauffeur driven back to MOE. I had a great day out everything was just right, the noise didn't even both me as much lol.   
some photos at!cpZZ1QQtppZZ28

Sorry about this but I can't get the hang of reducing all the photos


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