Sunday, September 16, 2012

RBRR Preparation is getting there

If MOE was a garage Queen and didn't do a lot I wouldn't have embarked on  such drastic mechanical restoration but as Round Britains and 10 country runs are quite addictive MOE has been in the workshop and has had a new unleaded cylinder head, the old one was causing a lot of oil usage via the valve guides, the water pump was knocking, then I had some wear on the gearbox and the overdrive was showing signs of wear so along with a new laycock clutch those were replaced, there was a lot of transmission vibration at low speed which I was convinced was propshaft so that has been overhauled and to finish this part a company has started manufacturing new short shafts (same as TR4?) so they have been changed, a few of the ball joint gaiters were split so replaced.

The cooling system was very rusted,  so the rad was flushed out a checked by a specialist, the system back flushed and then yesterday I finished it off with an STP flush then this morning new anti freeze and fresh water was added.
 I found that the throttle cable and a throttle return spring were loose so I did those and replaced a cracked and leaking petrol pipe on the front carb, then I must have flushed some gunk in the pipes as the back carb started flooding, a quick strip down and blow through cured that.

I have an intermittent knock on the back, so next week end before the drivers meeting at Gaydon I am going to change the rear shocks, adjust and bleed the brakes, phew I think thats about it for now!


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